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Game of Thrones is Written on a DOS Machine

Game of Thrones is a hugely popular franchise right now, both in print and television. If you’ve ever gone to a book store and looked at any of George R. R. Martin’s works you know they are very lengthy, some more than one thousand pages long. The surprising thing is that Mr. Martin chooses to use technology from the ’80’s to compose his epic stories.

DOS, or Disk Operating System, was originally released in 1981 and featured a text-only interface. Martin uses a DOS machine running a word processing program called WordStar 4.0, stating that more modern word processors tend to try and auto-correct words like “Targaryen” to tarragon. Not what you want when you’re creating a new world full of characters with interesting names. Running an older machine that is not connected to the Internet also has the advantage of being immune to the types of things more modern computers can pick up, and that keeps Martin from having to worry about viruses eating his files.

Here’s a clip from Conan where the Game of Thrones creator describes his computer setup.


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