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GAT V DLC Out Today for Saint Row IV!

Yes, that’s right…I said GAT V. Volition Games, makers of the Saints Row series, decided that today was a good day to release some new content. Not to be outdone by Rockstar and their mega-hit Grand Theft Auto V coming out today, Saints Row IV released a Johnny Gat inspired download called the GAT V DLC pack. This pack will not only give you access to a Johnny Gat themed outfit, a comically giant .50 caliber rifle, and, most importantly, a combat knife launcher. Yep, that’s right…a combat knife launcher. Man, I love Saints Row.

The timing of this pack coming out on the same day that Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V, GAT V…get it?) is pure Volition and even though it won’t make even the slightest dent in any GTA V sales, it’s still pretty funny. This pack will run you a mere $2.99 (but is free today on Steam). Need some proof? Check out the trailer below:


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