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72 – Geek2Geek – Games, Games…GAMES!


It’s time again for…technical difficulties!  Turns out our microphones weren’t on for about half of the show, so please forgive us for the terrible audio quality to start.  But who really cares, because it’s another GAMES SHOW!  Trey spent many hours preparing his Marvel Trivia game, Josh hosted a game that took what felt like many hours to play, Evan decided it was time to test our knowledge of one of the baddest actors around and Chuck brought back some of our all-time favorites!  Check them out, and feel free to send us suggestions of other games we should be playing on air!

About Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett

Josh is a professional Nintendo apologist and self-loathing Carolina Panthers fan. He does NOT like long walks on the beach, rather he prefers strolls through the snow. You can catch him every week on the Free For All Podcast.