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Geometry Wars 3 Release Date Announced

Activision has announced the release date for it’s upcoming twin stick shooter, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions this morning.  Fans can expect to get their addiction fix this holiday season, with a release on PC and Playstation platforms on November 25 and Xbox platforms just 24 hours later on November 26, 2014.  Fans of the Xbox platform have had good reason to be excited for this release, as the original Geometry Wars was one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games to ever grace the platform.

Dimensions looks to change up the game a bit, taking the addictive shooting out of the brightly colored 2D space and move to a 3D plane, while maintaining the leaderboard-minded core mechanics in place.  The original game was one of the first to implement the twin-stick controlling method, and still stands as one of the best.  Look for our impressions on Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions when it is released this November.

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