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Gotham Casts Famous Mobster, Sal Maroni

As Fox’s highly anticipated show Gotham gets closer to airing, more and more casting slots are becoming solidified. The latest shoe to fall is for the infamous Gotham mafia boss, Sal Maroni. The mob kingpin had been recently played by Eric Roberts in 2008’s Dark Knight; the latest honor to fill the role will go to Dexter alum David Zayas. Zayas had been playing Detective Angel Batista for eight years on the Showtime original and should be an interesting fit into the gritty hero drama. Maroni is second only to Carmine Falcone (being played by The Wire‘s Jon Doman) but is mostly known for throwing acid into the face of Harvey Dent, turnong¬†him into the Batman villain Two-Face. Of course, this won’t happen during this series as it’s a pre-Batman storyline. I, for one, am exceptionally excited for this news as Angel was one of my all time favorite characters on Dexter and Maroni is a ruthless snake. Stay tuned for any more Gotham casting news!



Zayas will bring a much needed intimidation factor to role of Sal Maroni


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