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Interstellar Trailer Takes Us To A New World

Chris Nolan makes good films.  Some would even call his work great.  Not just the master of the Dark Knight Trilogy, but classics like Insomnia, Inception, Memento and The Prestige have come from the mind of Nolan.  His next film however, Interstellar, has been shrouded in cloud after cloud of secrecy, with the general public only getting a fleeting glimpse of the film during an extremely emotional yet entirely too short on details teaser trailer last summer.  Well, attached to copies of Godzilla, which opens in theaters nationwide today, we have finally gotten our first full trailer for the film which reveals plenty of plot details as well as a potential look at a back-to-back Oscar Winning performance from Matthew McConaughey.

Obviously, it’s way too early to call that race, or even put McConaughey in it, but it’s hard to deny that after 2013 he is at the top of Hollywood’s hot list and this trailer sells him as the emotional anchor for the sci-fi tale.  The trailer focuses on McConaughey’s Cooper, a pilot and an engineer whose talents seem slightly useless in this post apocalyptic world that has been turned upside down following a cataclysmic turn of events.  As seen in the trailer, this down-to-earth look at a family man struggling in a new world quickly takes a decidedly science fiction turn when “Coop” is tapped to be among the men and women paving the way for humanity to find a new home.  A grassroots look at the idea of interstellar travel and space exploration that seems entirely plausible from this perspective.

Not much else is known about the film, but expect more details to come soon, as it is due in theaters November 7.  Check out the trailer above and keep it tuned to Free4Geeks.com as more details become available.

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