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Iron Man in Cap 3…Civil War to Follow?

Let’s face it, we all love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Disney and Marvel have managed to do with bringing together storylines and actors that have stayed together making awesome comic book movies for over six years (and into the foreseeable future) is not only amazing but a stroke of true genius that has never been done before. And I’m a DC fan!

Well, several fans have been speculating what exactly will be ushering in Marvels’ Phase 3 plans. Perhaps we have our answer. All reports are saying that Robert Downey, Jr is “extremely close” to signing on as Tony Stark/Iron Man for Captain America 3. Could this possibly mean the ushering in of the Civil War storyline? Man, I hope so! For those who aren’t in the know, Civil War saw a push to make the Superhero Registration Act a reality. The SRA was the governments way to get rid of secret identities and bring superheroes out in the open. Needless to say, this government intervention was extremely divisive. You have Captain America (alongside Luke Cage, Falcon and others) against the need to reveal secret identities so to protect the ones that they love from evil aggression. Iron Man (with the likes of Reed Richards and Ant Man), however, felt like registering gets you the needed governmental support like training.

The prospects of this in a movie setting is AMAZING! I cannot tell you how awesome that would be to see RDJ facing off against Chris Evans and the other Avengers choosing sides…it’s fantastic. The Russo brothers, who were behind the amazing Cap 2, are not only rumored for this project, but also Avengers 3 AND 4; count. me. IN! We’ll keep you more up to date as we get some more awesome news arrives.


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