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Johnny Depp Gets a Strange Casting?

In some kind of surprising news, Johnny Depp has been in several strong rumors to play as Marvel’s Dr. Stephen Strange in the upcoming movie with the same name.


The Doc in his natural state...

The Doc in his natural state…


Johnny Depp has had some stellar roles in his time; however, in recent years he has been shoehorned into a more comedic caricature of himself. However, apparent reports say that Depp has had a meeting with the Comics (and now Movie) Giant, Marvel about taking the lead role in the Phase 3 standalone flick, Dr. Strange. This news comes from Marvel insider news juggernaut, Latino Review…so it’s 99.9% true.

I wasn’t seeing the fit at first, but after some more thought on some of Depp’s earlier roles I’m coming around to the idea. I’m sure this isn’t a lock, but Latino Review doesn’t miss on much. We will have to think about the fifth Pirates movie and the fact that Disney owns both franchises…well, we’ll see. Doctor Strange is slated, for now, for 2016.

Who would you like to see as the good Doctor? Reply and let us know!

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