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The League Season 4 On Netflix Today!

The League, which is undoubtedly one of (if not the best) sitcom on television right now, is a show about a group of friends that are in a fantasy football league. Fair warning: even though the main subject is fantasy football, the majority of the comedy derives from other, zanier subjects. Their ultimate end game is to win the coveted trophy…The Shiva!

FX, with the anticipation of season 5 coming up on their brand new network FXX (or FX2, which is what we here at Free for All will call it anyway), released all 13 episodes of arguably their best season to date today on Netflix. The League Season 4 has such highlights as Judge Face, The Hoodie and (most importantly) Jenny dropping a Shiva Blast in front of the guys. The DVD/Blu-ray also released today and will include extended scenes, commentary and a gag reel. You can get this new for around $20 on sites like Amazon.

If you have never watched The League…what’s wrong with you?!? This show was in the Top 5 Sitcoms of All Time (check out the Geek Sheet from the Podcast here) from all three of the hosts (as well as yours truly) for a reason. FX also announced during the fourth season that the show was so popular, it was renewing The League for not only a fifth, but sixth season. It’s good, people! Need some more convincing? Check out a clip here (this is rated M for Mature…you’ve been warned):




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