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M3D: A Micro 3D Printer for Everyone

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own 3D printer, only to have those dreams crushed by the cost? Well yearn no more! M3D has created a new device that will cost you less than a PS4. The Micro is up on Kickstarter, and has surpassed it’s goal of $50,000, reaching $3,117,872 as of the date of this post. Backing level to get your hands on one of these little beauties is $299.00.


The model buildings in the foreground were printed using the Micro.

The possibilities of what can be done with a 3D printer, even a small one like the Micro, are really only limited to your imagination. Well, your imagination, and whatever can be printed inside this small box. There are many, many things that you can create and print for use around your own home. Want a custom cookie cutter shaped like Master Chief? Print one and get to baking! Want to mount your Apple TV or Roku? Print a bracket and bolt that puppy to the wall! Seriously, I have a friend who did this. It’s awesome.


I would totally do this. All the time.

Check out the photo above. You can print your own action figures or toys. If you want them in color, you’d have to paint them, but who cares? This is totally awesome!


The Micro could have a hug effect in educational institutions.

Another area where the Micro could be transformative is in education. MakerBot is one of the biggest names in 3D printing, but their newest and smallest model, the Replicator Mini, sells for $1,375.00. At that price a school could purchase 4 M3D Micro’s and still come out nearly $180.00 ahead. Most schools never have enough money to go around, and for them the $299 price point is huge.

Check out the Kickstarter video below to see the Micro in action:

The Kickstarter fulfillment is slated for winter of this year. Get your order in now!


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