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Marvel Goes News Crazy!!!

In what could only be called a news barrage, Marvel effectively took all of the starch out of DC’s pants today with several juicy tidbits. I’m not going to waste any time here, so let’s just get into the good stuff!


Civil War is Coming!


Captain America 3 will be introducing arguably Marvel’s biggest storyline of the past ten years in Civil War. Civil War is essentially a giant war between two differing sects of “good guys” on whether or not secret identities be revealed for super heroes. Cap 3 will be hitting theaters on May 6th 2016. This has been brewing up as a suspected storyline for a while now, so we’ll get more into it a little later.



Black Panther Officially Announced

So, Stan Lee was right after all. Set to debut on November 7th of 2017, Black Panther will star Chadwick Boseman. Kind of a hot commodity right now, the star of 42 and Get On Up will be suiting up in the skin tight Black Panther outfit. There is a strong possibility we see Black Panther introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron but more than likely see Boseman in action in Cap 3. Considering the Panther’s homeland of Wakanda is the centralized location of vibranium, expect it to be a focal point of the movie. In the meantime, check out this sweet concept art!



Doctor Strange Casting and Release Date


Well…no more “Strange Castings” on the show. Also, our apologies to Brian Dennehy; maybe next time, sir. It looks like the dream casting of Benedict Cumberbatch is the real deal. The lanky Brit will be donning the high collared cape and heading to the big screen on November the 4th in 2016.


Inhumans are Coming to the Big Screen


In an unsurprising move, Marvel will be bringing the Inhumans to movie theaters on November 2nd in 2018. For those who don’t know, The Inhumans are a group of humans that were captured and experimented on by the Kree (introduction in Guardians 2???). The Inhumans are more or less a replacement for the X-Men, whom are owned by FOX. Hopefully, we’ll get some casting news on this soon, so stay tuned.


Thor 3 Will Be Titled Ragnarok


The third, and possibly final, chapter in the Thor saga will be entitled Ragnarok and will hit theaters on July 28th, 2017. Being dubbed “a key title for Phase 3” b y Kevin Feige and will change most things in the MCU going forward. Ragnarok meaning “the end of all things” could point to several things…including maybe a new Thor? We’ll keep you a breast of any news going forward.


Marvel’s Getting a Leading Lady

Well, we all saw this coming Ms. Marvel will be bringing Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, comes to us on July 6th, 2018. This is a big deal as it’s the first major female superhero Marvel is bringing to the main stage…not to mention the sweet time slot! No casting has been confirmed yet, but look for an up and coming younger actress.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 gets a New Date


Guardians of the Galaxy, which has become a Marvel lynch pin of sorts, got a new date. May the 5th, 2017 (effectively moving the date up two months) will see an all new GotG flick in theaters. This film will be very important as the Thanos saga, Captain Marvel and several other key plot points for future Phases. Stay tuned for more on this, fo’ sho!


The Infinity Saga Will Be a Two Parter!

In a fairly surprising move, Thanos will not be a part of Avengers 3. Instead, Marvel (going for ALL the money) is choosing to have the Infinity Saga be its own movie…check that, TWO movies! Infinity War: Part 1 will be released on May 4th, 2018 and Part 2 will May 3rd, 2019. This is HUGE news and we’ll give you more on this later.

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