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Marvel Studios Locks in New Dates Through 2019

Marvel has always dated their films long before they let us in on what titles we will actually see on those dates. This year, it seems, will be no different, as Marvel announced five new dates for films. This is in addition to the five announced dates we already know about (I’m not counting Guardians of the Galaxy, of course). The previously known dates are as follows:

  • 05.01.15 – The Avengers: The Age of Ultron
  • 07.17.15 – Ant-Man
  • 05.06.16 – Captain America 3
  • 07.08.16 – Unannounced
  • 05.05.17 – Unannounced

When you take these dates and add in the five new slots, you get an impressive line up of films taking place over the next five years. So what could these announced spots be? Let’s join the rest of the internet and speculate!

The newly announced Avengers team in the Marvel Comics Universe. Could these changes reflect plans for the MCU?

The newly announced Avengers team in the Marvel Comics Universe. Could these changes reflect plans for the MCU?


Doctor Strange – It’s no secret that Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, is a HUGE Doc Strange fan, and has been talking about wanting a film featuring the character for some time now. There’s also speculation that Strange could be a natural replacement for the likely leaving Robert Downey Jr.


Thor 3 – I loved Thor: The Dark World, though others may not exactly agree with me. Regardless, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume we’ll be getting a third and likely final Thor installment. Could this be a transition to a new female Thor?


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – I won’t drop some of the spoilers we got a onto or so ago about the possible final scenes of Age of Ultron, but I will say that it makes me think that a Guardians sequel is extremely likely, and that a major player in the MCU may join them in their new adventure.


Captain Marvel – Clearly Marvel likes diversity, and I’d love to see a a female hero get her own film. It also helps that Carol Danvers’s powers have Kree origins, an alien species we have seen some of, and will see more of in coming films, I think. This would also be a great counter to DC’s likely Wonder Woman film.


Black Panther – I feel like Panther might be now be a strange fit for phase 3, but he’s been a character that fans have wanted to see for years and T’Challa has an amazing story to pull from. It would also be a chance to have the same change of pace it seems Guardians will provide in just a couple of weeks. 


The Inhumans – This might be the most exciting idea yet. The Inhumans have been bounced around as an idea before, and with two Inhumans (Medusa and Inferno) now in the Avengers comic lineup, plus the team being very central to several story lines involving both the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos, an Inhumans film could be both awesome and central to the phase 3 plot.


The Avengers 3 – We assumed Avengers 3 would be here in 2018, so it’s not a huge stretch to think Marvel would push it back just now more year to really get in as much content as possible. With all the preceding films I think it’s safe to say that the final Showdown with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet will be one for the history books!

Well, in just a few short days, at San Diego Comic Con 2014, I’m sure Marvel will announce several new films officially, and I’ll look like an idiot. But until then, enjoy the speculation, and feel free to let us know what you think these unannounced dates will be in the comments below!

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