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Marvel’s ‘Dr. Strange’ and Joaquin Phoenix Part Ways

Reports arose today that Marvel and Joaquin Phoenix could not come to a deal for Marvel’s upcoming Dr. Strange solo film.  When news came out that they were eyeing Phoenix to take the role, it got everyone excited.  But Phoenix’s career has shown that he typically shies away from being involved in lengthy franchises.  So while this is sad news, I can’t say that I am surprised.


No word on who Marvel will pursue now to be the Sorcerer Supreme.  We can only speculate that previous rumors of Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jared Leto potential casting will be what to expect now.  Who do you want to see play Dr. Strange??  Sound off!

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  • I’m actually very happy he’s not going for it . Benedict is a great actor just doesn’t look the part for sorcerer supreme to me