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Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four, Has a Surprising New Cast


Who will be playing Marvel’s first family has been announced as The Fantastic Four cast is finally revealed. And I must say, its interesting.  The FF reboot will be directed by Josh Trank, who did the really good Chronicle. So meet your new cast:


Miles Teller: Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

miles tellerYou may recognize Teller from movies such as Project X and 21 and Over. He will now be tasked with playing one of the most important characters in all of Marvel.








Kate Mara: Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman

kate maraMara has a really impressive resume, as you most recently have seen her in House of Cards, American Horror Story, and 127 Hours. She will now be one of Marvel’s most recognizable women and the love interest of Reed Richards.









Michael B. Jordan: Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

michael b jordanFox gets one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors in Michael B. Jordan. Fresh off his critically acclaimed performance in Fruitvale Station, he will rejoin with director Josh Trank, who he worked with on Chronicle.  He will now be tasked with portraying one of Marvel’s most beloved characters in Johnny Storm.









Jamie Bell: Ben Grimm/The Thing

jamie bellYou might have recognized Bell from his past work in (the highly underrated) Jumper and King Kong. He also did amazing voice work as Tintin in The Adventures of Tintin. That might be what landed him this role as most of his work will be motion capture into CG and voice work as he become The Thing.








First off, let’s cover the elephant in the room. Yes, Michael B. Jordan is black. Yes, Johnny Storm is white in the comics. It’s not the first time that Fox has done that with a character. Say what you will about the Daredevil movie, but Michael Clark Duncan was great as The Kingpin. I get that Johnny is Sue’s brother in the comics and with Mara being cast as Sue, them being biological brother and sister is out. But all that takes is one tweak of the story to make one of them adopted and that’s a moot point. It’s not like they were born with their powers. I think MBJ is arguably the best actor of this cast and I think he will be great at portraying the attitude of Johnny Storm.

Obviously the new version of the team will differ a bit from this classic version from the comics

Obviously the new version of the team will differ a bit from this classic version from the comics

Another surprising thing to a lot of people is the youth of the cast with all them being in their late 20’s and early 30’s. I actually like this, as it will help the reboot to distance itself from the original movies. I also think a major reason for this is to match the age of much of the X-Men cast from First Class. If the new FF movie is a success, Fox has big plans to have a shared universe between the two franchises. My hope is that this happens and after a couple of movies Franklin Richards, Reed and Sue’s child in introduced in a crossover movie. Franklin becomes one of the most powerful mutants on the planet in the comics.

Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom

Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom

All in all, I am happy with this cast, but I admit that they definitely took some risks. However, I think they got some solid actors with a great director. It looks like the plan is to have them square off against Dr. Doom again which I think is a great idea. Doom is one of the most recognizable villains in all of comics, and the FF’s greatest foe. Hopefully everyone can have an open mind going into this movie and can get past the previous ones which, while moderately successful monetarily, were pretty bad. I for one am excited for something this different and about what it could mean for the future! The Fantastic Four will be hitting theaters June 19, 2015.

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