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Marvel’s Mad Titan is Here!

Back at the end of Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a huge stinger in the mid-credits scene revealed a major villain was behind all of the goings on of evil during the Avengers. Thanos, The Mad Titan revealed himself to audiences in what was an exciting and climactic reveal. Since then fans have speculated that the universe is building to an Infinity Gauntlet story arc, leading up to Thanos being the endgame villain for the third Avengers film.

Latino Review is reporting that Marvel may have found its actor to portray the Mad Titan with a thing for Death. Reports from the site, and now other sources as well indicate that Josh Brolin will be voicing the villain Not only in the next Avengers movie, but in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

The details of Brolin’s contract haven’t been revealed, but you can expect an official announcement and more details on the casting fairly soon. Keep it posted here at free4geeks.com for updates on this story!

Thanos Brolin

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