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Michael Douglas Confirmed as Hank Pym


Edgar Wright is proof positive that if your persistent enough, you get what you want. Wright pushed and pushed to helm a live action Ant-Man flick, and by golly he it, to the delight of most around the Free For All office. Then we got the news just a few weeks ago that Paul Rudd would be dawning the antenna clad helmet of Ant-Man in 2015. But that we weren’t told was which iteration of Ant-Man Rudd would be playing, the classic Hank Pym, or the more eccentric Scott Lang.

Turn out guys, Michael Doulas holds the answer. Who woulda thought! This week it has been confirmed that Michael Douglas will be playing Hank Pym in Marvel’s first “Phase 3” film, leaving any logical superhero fan to conclude that Rudd will then be playing Scott Lang. The casting choice for both Lang and Pym is loved by many, while others are not so hot on the choices. But regardless of your feelings on these actors, this does give us some insight into the film’s plot.

We’d heard awhile back that Wright’s film would be a caper style flick, and this initially didn’t make a great deal of sense to me. But now knowing that both Pym and Lang are cast, I have some theories. In the comics, Lang becomes Ant-Man not by being bitten by a radioactive ant or being a great scientific mind who creates his suit (as Pym is), he’s a thief. He originally steals the suit from Pym in order to help is sick daughter. And so with that info, it seems as though we may see an older Pym, maybe retired from the superhero biz, get his gear swiped by Lang (for his ailing daughter or otherwise, who knows). Maybe he makes some tweaks to the suit, adding some modern touches. In the comics we also Pym eventually give Lang his blessing to continue on as Ant-Man, and I’m willing to bet we see this happen in the film as well. All in all, this all means that I’m more stoked than ever for the film. Here’s to hoping I’m right!

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