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Microsoft and Xbox One Is Listening…

If you read the title of this article and thought, “I knew it! The Kinect is recording my every move!” Well, slow your roll…it’s not what you think.

Apparently, the internet is buzzing about some Xbox One complaints. Some of these include Kinect issues, interface concerns and, primarily, Xbox Live functionality. To be precise, most are having problems navigating Live as well as the confusing problems with Party Chat. Outside of the Party Chat complaint, I have had little to no issues with the redesign…it feels cleaner to me. I can, however, understand people’s concerns…and so can Microsoft.


Many have voiced opinions about the new Xbox One 'bout you?

Many have voiced opinions about the new Xbox One interface…how ’bout you?


Larry Hyrb, more famously known as Major Nelson (the unofficial spokesperson for all things Xbox), has stated via a Reddit thread that Microsoft is listening to all of this feedback. And to be fair, Microsoft has done very well in regards to handling consumer feedback (or bitchiness in my opinion) and I can see a hefty patch being downloaded to your console in the near future…something Nintendo should take a page from.

This hasn’t slowed the outcry for change, however. An Edge magazine journalist even wrote a scathing editorial today entitled “Xbox Why?” which cites serious backwards movement in regards to the OS and the beloved ease of Xbox Live. If you are of a like minded sort, you can voice your opinion here on this fan created consumer feedback site.


Kinect 2.0 is much more refined than the original...unless it's broken

Kinect 2.0 is much more refined than the original…unless it’s broken


Let’s hope this public statement today from Microsoft about change isn’t a hollow promise and tweaks will start to show soon. We’ll keep you posted on any patches as soon as they’re announced. In the meantime, we know you have some opinions of your own…why not voice them here?

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