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NBA 2K15 Puts You in The Game

For as long as the feature has been available, I have been making myself in every sports game on the market.  While I may never be a world class athlete in real life, being able to make a player with the name Barnett on his jersey and take to the gridiron, pitch or hardtop is at least a step in the right direction.  However, even with all of the technical advancements in console hardware over the years, making a player that looks just like myself has been next to impossible without spending literally hours toying with sliders and menu options just to get a semi-realistic facsimile of my beautiful mug.

With NBA 2K15, however, 2K Sports is giving me that very opportunity, provided I’ve spend the $60 to get the camera for my Playstation4!  We’ve seen EA attempt this feature in recent years with their “gameface” application, and while the results have been decent, if the video below is anything to go by, 2K has once again stepped up their game and added a revolutionary aspect to the idea of putting yourself in the game.  By using the camera, or Xbox One’s (sorry last gen, this feature is exclusive to the new hardware), Kinect 2.0 sensor, players will take a real-time video capture of their face, including rotating it enough to get a full representation of their appearance.  Where in the past versions of this feature, EA has allowed players to simply upload a picture or two of their faces to a website and adjust tracking points to get the best results, this new way of attacking the problem is the closest fans can get to stepping inside the motion capture booth themselves and getting their likeness scanned by the experts making the game.

The results seem to be stunningly realistic, and it brings us yet another step closer to created players not having a disparity between their lower res cut-and-paste models and the fully realized and realistic creations of actual athletes.  Hopefully 2K decides to bring this to all of their sports franchises, because I’m ready to get back into the squared circle and kick John Cena’s ass!  Now, if only they’d let me use this to scan my tattoos as well…

Video credit to Gamespot

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