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New 3DS Announced…Without 3D

Nintendo has been making waves this morning.  First, they announced a price drop and new bundle for their Wii U hardware, a limited edition of the Wind Waker HD, and now they have announced an entirely new piece of hardware.

Or is it?  The Nintendo 2DS is “a new entry in the 3DS family” and is an entry-level redesign of their 3DS hardware.  However, this particular iteration (retailing for $129.99) does not feature the systems main hook, the ability to play games in 3D.  Rather, this new design features the dual screen design of the 3DS and original DS hardware, but is the first time since the original Game Boy Advance iteration to not feature the signature Clamshell case.

The system comes in "red" and "blue, though really it's black and white.

The system comes in “red” and “blue”, though really it’s black and white.

The 2DS looks much more similar to a Wii U gamepad that plays DS and 3DS games than an iteration of the DS hardware.  It still features a single thumbstick and just one touch screen, but with the decision to make it a stable piece of hardware without the clamshell, it now looks and feels much more like a tablet, and far less portable.  When compared to other handheld hardware from the company, it is larger than the 3DS XL when it’s closed, meaning it no longer will fit in your pocket, and requires a carrying case (included with the hardware) for any sort of functional transport.

However, for fans and families who were not keen on the idea of 3D gaming or were worried about the reports of 3D games being damaging to the development of their young children, the ability to play all of the 3DS’ lineup on a 2D only device, as well as it’s much lower price point make it an appealing purchase.  It drops September 12th and will be in stores in time for the holidays, perfect for the fan who has waited until now to pick up a 3DS, possibly for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds?

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