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New Godzilla Trailer…WOW!

So unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months or so, you’re fully aware of a new Godzilla movie coming out this summer. There have been a small amount of teasers, stills and trailers but today dawned a brand new theatrical trailer from Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures. Not too many words come to mind after seeing this piece of awesome (that I can print, at least). The trailer itself could be broken down frame by frame in all of its glorious splendor but suffice it to say that there is nothing about this movie I am not stoked for. Amazing special effects? Check! Copious amounts of destruction? Check! Great acting? Hopefully check, but it’s hard to argue with the casting (Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston figures to be a prominent figure in the flick). Well, enough jabberin’…on with the trailer!



Right?!? Pretty spectacular, huh? Of course all of this awesomeness remains to be seen, but so far Warner Brothers and Legendary are doing their part to get everyone pumped for this movie. You can absolutely count me in! Godzilla is due out May the 16th in theaters and Imax.

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