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April Fools: New Voice Actor for Yoda announced for Star Wars: Episode VII

In a surprising move, Disney has announced that they will be changing the voice actor for Yoda. The iconic Yoda and his signature voice was given life by legendary voice actor Frank Oz. Taking over the role will be none other than Nick Nolte. “We really want to capture the imaginations of a new generation of children, and we feel that nothing speaks to children quite like the voice of Nick Nolte”, said a representative from Disney. With many people concerned with Nick Nolte’s somewhat gruff voice J.J. Abrams responded by saying, “Yoda is REALLY old. The guy has been through a lot and now new danger is rising. He is a cranky battle-worn old guy and he is a badass. I’m envisioning Yoda as a Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino type role”.

The new Yoda

The new Yoda


With a dynamic shift in Yoda’s voice and now character, Disney is also facing questions about putting someone with Nolte’s past legal troubles into such an iconic role. When asked about Nolte’s criminal past, a spokesman from Disney replied, “that is so 2000 and late”. When the fact that this is a role that children love and look up to was brought up, the spokesman said, “Hell, he just played an angel trapped inside a lovable rock creature that helped build Noah’s Ark. I think he can play a little green badass that children love”. Nick Nolte was arrested in 1965 for selling counterfeit documents and was given a 45-year jail sentence that was later suspended. In 2002, he was arrested and given a DUI. It was later revealed that he had high levels of GHB in his system, which is known as liquid ecstasy and used as an alternative date rape drug. When arrested and asked about it, Nolte replied, “been taking it for four years and I’ve never been raped”.

Despite all of this, Disney and Abrams are confident in the new direction for Yoda and Episode VII which will hit theaters in 2015. You can see test footage of Nolte’s Yoda in the link below.


Nick Nolte as Yoda test footage HERE!



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