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New Wolverine Movie In The Works?

It appears as if two solo Wolvy movies just aren’t enough…it appears as if Twentieth Century Fox is in negotiations to bring back both Director James Mangold and the clawed one himself Hugh Jackman to make a third (really two and half if you ask me) stand alone Wolverine movie. After the overwhelming success of The Wolverine, which was the second highest grossing X-Men movie at $413 million worldwide. That’s more than enough to necessitate a third movie.


I used to look just like this college...sans metal claws, of course

I used to look just like this in college…sans metal claws, of course


So far, no beans have been spilled about a potential storyline but Wolverine has such a deep, dark past and several classic villains (and even a few heroes…a fight with The Hulk anyone?) that the well is quite deep for killer movie plots. I, for one, really enjoyed the storyline and the overall vibe of The Wolverine and am glad that the Mangold/Jackman team could be back to make another out-of-the-box superhero movie…color me in! We’ll keep you posted on more news, but in the meantime check out the review we chalked up here.

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