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Nintendo Announces Wii Mini for US

Nintendo announced today that the Wii Mini would be shipping to US retailers in mid-November. The Wii Mini is a more affordable, but less feature rich iteration of their original Wii system. The Mini was released in Canada on November 7th of last year for a price of $99.99. This comes in the wake of Nintendo closing production of the Wii in Japan just two weeks ago.


The US version of the Wii Mini will also be priced at just $99.99 and come packed with Mario Kart Wii. The system itself is black with red trim and includes a red Wii Remote Plus, red nunchuck, and of course all necessary cables.

While the price point is somewhat lower than the Wii’s current retail price of $129.99, do keep in mind that the Wii Mini doesn’t not have any Internet capabilities at all. That means no playing the included Mario Kart Wii online with friends and no downloading things like Virtual Console games. Both versions of the system no longer include backwards compatibility with GameCube games.

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