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Nintendo Cuts Wii U Sales Predictions by Over 6mil!

It’s no secret that the Wii U is third when it comes to next generation sales and sales predictions. Well, it finally seems that Nintendo is agreeing with the rest of us and cutting their, albeit lofty, sales predictions for 2014.

Even cartoon Link is sad about the Wii U sales...awww!

Even cartoon Link is sad about the Wii U sales…awww!

In a revised financial forecast, gaming legend Nintendo has cut its predicted sales of their next generation platform, the Wii U, to a meager 2.8 million units. This is a MASSIVE cut from the original 9 million that was originally announced. Now, there are two theories to this announcement: 1) Nintendo sees the light of selling 9mil when the PS4 and Xbox One are killing it sales wise and 2) Nintendo is lowering predictions so that if and when they eclipse it, they can say “See? We told you that we can sell units…seeee?”. Number 2 is my guess. This is still quite a jump down considering that there is a new Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and possibly a new Zelda game coming out this year. Nintendo has sold 3.91 million units to date compared to the 4.2mil sales for the PS4 and 3.0mil for the Xbox One…in just six weeks; it’s not looking good for the mainstay gaming company.

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