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No Official Titanfall Beta…Yet

Rumors have been swirling around the internet about the debut venture (and supremely anticipated at that) from Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall and it’s upcoming Beta. New information has come to light today that you need to know…check it out!


"Don't have my Titanfall Beta?!? I CRUSH YOU!"

“Don’t have my Titanfall Beta?!? I CRUSH YOU!”


Several sites have been claiming to be the official Beat sign up for Titanfall in the past few days. But before you enter in any crucial information, BEWARE! It may not be what you think. Respawn’s Community Manager Mathew Everett said today via Twitter:

“We have not announced further details for the Titanfall beta at this time. DO NOT SIGN-UP at random sites claiming to be the official Beta.”

Pretty strong, sound advice. Meanwhile, according to Vince Zampella, the big boss at Respawn, details of an official Beta will be available “in the coming days.” Thanks for all that info, Vince. Recently there was a retailer claiming an upcoming Beta invite for pre-ordering the huge title in February for PC and the Xbox One. No news on an Xbox 360 Beta, however…sorry guys.

Keep checking back for more info on this killer title!

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