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WTNT On Second Thought – New Winter/Spring Shows for February 2015

Welcome back to On Second Thought! For those joining us for the first time, make sure you first check out Evan’s Watch This, Not That post (link below)! This is basically a follow-up that looks at the shows and our predictions for those shows. The column will be broken down into two basic parts.

First, I’ll look at how the show is doing in terms of raw numbers. I’ll be using the show’s ratings in the adult 18-49 category and the estimated number of viewers to see how the show is stacking up against other shows on its network. Keep in mind, a show is really only competing against other show on the same network, not shows from other, competing networks, despite the fact that it often feels that way.

Second, I’ll give you my own personal thoughts on each show. Consider this a more summarized version of the First Impression reviews we used to do here at Free For All. This, of course, has little bearing on whether the show will live or die on the small screen, but it may give you a sense of why a show is tanking or let you know that, despite possible cancellation, you should watch a particular show (think Trophy Wife from last year).

This is all just a guessing game, and there’s a little luck involved, but Evan and I love television, and love making bets, so this is basically our favorite part of every week. Feel free to play along and guess which or your favorite new shows will survive!

Evan’s initial “Watch This, Not That” post can be found here!


allegianceAllegiance (NBC)

 My First Thoughts: Not This
 Evan’s First Thoughts: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: 1.1 adults 18-49 rating/4.98 mil viewers

Most Recent Episode: 0.8 adults 18-49 rating/3.28 mil viewers

Now that we’re checking in once a month, as opposed to once a week, it’s a little easier to see where shows are going to end up. This is especially the case for Allegiance, as it’s been canceled after airing only five episodes. I can’t say I’m surprised…

My Second Thoughts:

This show was a mixed bag to say the very least. It was one part The Americans, one part The Mentalist, with a dash of generic network drama seasoning thrown in for good measure. The half of the show that followed the eccentric and brilliant son as he navigated his new job in law enforcement, was something I actually enjoyed. Gavin Stenhouse is easily the best performance in the mix. But unfortunately, the rest of the shows plot and cast left a lot to be desired. The whole plot feels shoehorned in so that NBC can capitalize on the success of FX. It also gives the show a bit of an identity crisis. Honestly, I’m not upset at all this show was practically DOA.



better call saulBetter Call Saul (AMC)

 My First Thought: Watch This
 Evan’s First Thought: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: 3.4 adults 18-49 rating/6.88 mil viewers

Most recent Episode: 1.3 adults 18-49 rating/2.57 mil viewers

The series premiere of Better Call Saul was the highest rated cable premier in television history. And while the show has certainly leveled off, numbers will have to drop a lot more for AMC to consider giving up on its newest addition to Walter White’s universe.

My Second Thoughts:

As a pretty big Breaking Bad fan, I was excited to see what AMC and Vince Gilligan had in store for me with Better Call Saul. Turns out, what they had in store was a damn good show that brought me back into the world of Breaking Bad in a way I didn’t realize was possible. I didn’t know that Gilligan’s breakout show was so good at world building, but almost every shot in Better Call Saul brings me back to the show it’s spinning off. Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks both give performances that don’t disappoint. The only downside is the barrier to entry if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, which can be pretty steep.


Fresh-Off-the-BoatFresh Off the Boat (ABC)

 My First Thought:Watch This
 Evan’s First Thought: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: 2.3 adults 18-49 rating/7.47 mil viewers

Most Recent Episode: 1.7 adults 18-49 rating/6.02 viewers

Fresh Off the Boat is one of the most successful new comedies of the year. Premiering strong and holding onto almost all of its audience after seven episodes, no comedy is more sure to be renewed than this one.

My Second Thoughts:

One of my favorite new comedies of last year was The Goldbergs, but why stop at a show only one show that specifically celebrates a nostalgia filled decade?! Fresh Off the Boat is strikingly similar to last year’s 80’s themed show, only set in the 90’s. It follows Eddie Wong, and luckily, is just as hilarious as its unofficial counterpart. However, one of the major differences is that the parents are really the stars of this show, Eddie’s mom in particular. Constance Wu has amazing timing and gives a wonderful performance. This show is a treat, and everyone should be watching!


TheSlap_ShowThe Slap (NBC)

 My First Thought: Watch This
 Evan’s First Thought: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: 1.1 adults 18-49 rating/5.13 mil viewers

Last Episode: 0.7 adults 18-49 rating/3.67 mil viewers

The Slap has always been labeled by NBC as a mini-series, meaning no second season is planned. Thank goodness…

My Second Thoughts:

I have watched very little of The Slap, a show with a premise so ludicrous I don’t know how it was ever green lit in the first place. What I have seen of it confirmed my fears though. Overacted almost across the board, seemingly unsure of the tone it wants to create with out of place, noire-like VO, and attempting to sell a plot that makes almost no sense, this show is a waste of the tome slot in which it occupies. Move on NBC…


BoschBosch (Amazon)

 My First Thought: Watch This
 Evan’s First Thought: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: N/A

Most Recent Episode: N/A

As with Netflix, Hulu, and the like, Amazon doen’t like to let anyone know how many people have watched it’s original programming. Reviews of the show are generally positive though, including the one below, so hopefully Amazon decides to precede with a second season and beyond.

My Second Thoughts:

Bosch is my kind of show, through and through. Harry Bosch, played wonderfully by Titus Welliver, is a loner detective, and is cited against a masterful serial killer in something that feels incredibly like Along Came a Spider. The world it creates feels a little old and stale, but because it should feel that way. And the pace and structure of the show make it very suitable watching in large chunks, as these types of shows are meant to be watched. Overall, Bosch is a show that seems to know exactly what it is, and what it wants to achieve, and then does just that. Watch it.


the-odd-coupleThe Odd Couple (CBS)

 My First Thought: Not This
 Evan’s First Thought: Not This

What the Ratings Say:

First Episode: 3.1 adults 18-49 rating/13.57 mil viewers

Last Episode: 3.0 adults 18-49 rating/12.36 mil viewers

The Odd Couple, despite not being a show a particularly enjoyed, has preformed as one has come to expect from a show on the ratings juggernaut that is CBS. Opening strong and having only a small loss in ground, combined with the best lead in possible with The Big Bang Theory, means that this show is most likely going to be around for a second season, at least.

My Second Thoughts:

It’s been awhile since I have seen a comedy that feels this forced (maybe Partners on FX, not that I sit and actually think about it). While I love both Matthew Perry  and Thomas Lennon, both overact to an embarrassing level in the pilot, and the writing and delivery both leave a lot to be desired. I can remember legitimately laughing exactly one time during the 22 minutes suffered through the show’s boring pilot. Add to all of this the outdated caricatures of the slop and the uptight neat freak, neither of which feel relevant anymore, and you have a show that only CBS could make a stunning success.

If you need a refresher on ratings, you can find a very quick and easy explanation here.

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