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Pictures of Affleck’s Batman Surface

It’s no secret that we are all excited for the new Batman vs Superman (working title) movie that will hit theaters in the summer of 2016. I personally didn’t think I could get any more excited for a movie that is over two years away…but then new pictures surfaced. Of Batman. YES!! Here’s the picture:




Wow! Of course there will be color, but I looooove the design. For anyone who is not informed, check out the Batman from The Dark Knight Returns (a tale of a much older Bruce Wayne coming back to the Batman cowl after being retired. It’s awesome) trade paperback or the excellent set of DC Animated movies. This Batsuit is very reminiscent of that and paints a picture of an older Batman who is much more dark, gritty and actually defeats Superman in combat. Since this picture is in black and white, I’ll describe the suit: it’s a very dark grey background with a very large black bat on the chest; the suit also has a military style belt that is a bit more realistic that the typical utility belt. This is that suit.Not to be left out, check out that sweet ride in the background! It looks like a mix between the Tumbler from the Nolan Batman movies and the original model from the 1989 Batman. I like it! It’s sleek and modern but still looks like it could kick several amounts of butt.

So this is two pics in two days and the internet is all a twitter…and with good cause! Oh, sure the internet will spew hate, but deep down they know that this looks good. I was also skeptical once Ben Affleck was cast as the Dark Knight, but after looking at this teaser picture, I’m all in! Keep it locked to free4geeks.com and listen to the Free for All podacst for any new Batman vs Superman news!


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