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PS4 Release Date Announced at GamesCom

In an unsurprising move, Sony announced the release date and some more specs on the much anticipated release of the PS4. If you could wait until the end of this very dry and, well, boring press conference then you got what you wanted…a release date!!


Sony's new, sleek super console will be ready for mass consumption on___

Sony’s new, sleek super console will be ready for mass consumption on 11/15.

The mega-console, which already has an announced price point of $399, will be released in North America on 11/15 and 11/29 for the European markets. This is good news for people who want their console before Christmas and enough time to to cram shoppers into retail outlets for Black Friday. Check out some of the other news below:

Sony also went over (again) how supportive they are with Indy games. Several console exclusive games (including Hotline: Miami 2, N++, Volume, Guns of Icarus and several others) will be featured on the PS4 as well as the Vita. Tequila Works revealed a stylized game called Rime that looks like a cross between Journey and Ico; Helldivers, a cross platform title very reminiscent of Smash TV, was also announced from Arrowhead Studios; Megagun, from the creators of Stardust HD, looks like a futuristic Choplifter; Shadow of the Beast, a gruesome hack-n-slash romp, was announced to huge applause as well.

A new inFamous: Second Son was shown to a thunderous ovation and looked stunning! It also showcased some story elements as well as some of Delsin’s new powers. Cool! Killzone: Shadow Fall also showed off some cool looking multiplayer footage. Then, to continue the barrage of things we already know, Sony went over Playstation + and it’s numerous benefits (including Drive Club day 1). Then, Playstation went to Remote play (which was announced that “almost all PS4 games will be playable on the Vita through Remote Play) and it’s benefits playing Assassin’s Creed IV on a PS4 and then seamlessly switching to a Vita. This was especially impressive since it was in the middle of a fort attack/ship boarding.

Ubisoft then showcased Watch Dogs, their upcoming IP that will rock the video game world this Winter. Some story details, PS4 exclusives and new gameplay footage was shown and…well, it looked pretty killer. A HUGE shock was the announcement of Minecraft coming to the PS4 launch…even though they screwed up the announcement.

The, Sony President Andrew House, took the floor to close out the show. His first announcement was the release of the 12GB PS3 for $199. He then announced that anyone who buys certain PS3 titles that will appear on the next-gen system (CoD, Battlefield 4, AC4, etc) will get the digital copies on PS4 for a “significantly reduced price”. He then took another jab at Microsoft (enough already, please) about not changing philosophies blah, blah, blah. Then he (finally) gave¬† the dates: 11/15 for North America and 11/29 for Europe.

You can get your hands on all this goody at your local gaming stores/websites through pre-orders (if you’re lucky enough to find some left)…so get out there and guarantee you get yours NOW!

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