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R.I.P. – Author Tom Clancy Has Died

It’s not often that we here at are charged with bringing you any bad news.  We try to focus on the happier, lighter side of the movies and games industries, but sometimes a story is too big for us not to cover.

Tom Clancy, one of the most influential authors of the past few decades, has died early this morning in a hospital near his home.  The cause of Death has yet to be announced, doctors only revealing it was a “brief illness.”

The Baltimore native Clancy is responsible for the popular Jack Ryan character, portrayed by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck in the past, and Chris Pine is scheduled to take over the role sometime in the next year.  In all, Clancy released 17 New York Times bestselling novels, and had yet another work scheduled to be published in the near future.

The Division blew us away at E³ this year.

The Division blew us away at E³ this year.

More than just a name in novels, Clancy had turned his brand into a multimedia empire, one recognizable in the gaming and geek culture as well.  His partnership with Ubisoft games has brought some of the most memorable franchises; including Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, and the newest game to bear his mark The Division was named our Game of the Show for E³.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we keep his friends and family in our prayers and thoughts as they continue to grieve.

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