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RDJ Confirms Iron Man 4?

Will he? Won’t he? …the suspense is killing us!!! Why can’t Marvel and Robert Downey, Jr make up their d@mn minds?!? Well, apparently they have. And there will be an Iron Man 4!!! According to RDJ on the Ellen Show,

“I know there’s gonna be a bunch more Marvel movies and…they have big ideas of how to do it best, and we’re in the middle of negotiations, and blah blah blah…” RDJ said, before trailing off.

“So…’yes'” said DeGeneres.

“Okay, yes,” replied the actor.

Huh…very interesting. Apparently, all of this hinges on a personal relationship with the much maligned Mel Gibson. Supposedly if Gibson signs on to direct IM4, Downey is all in. It’s very compelling stuff!

Personal feelings aside regarding Iron Man 2 and 3, there’s no question that the franchise is a massive cash cow for Marvel and Disney (and let’s face it, Downey himself). An Iron Man 4 movie could transition nicely into Avengers 3 and usher in a new breed of heroes that could take over the fan favorite franchise. Regardless, this is very exciting news…unless it’s debunked next month, which is possible. Stay tuned for any and all things Marvel here at!


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