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Remington Steele Being Brought Back to Television by NBC

NBC, above all other major networks, just can’t seem to let go of the past. Every year, they try to keep the old, “Must See TV Thursdays” alive with more and more unoriginal comedies staring actors from once popular shows (see The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World). They aren’t much better with dramas either as they recreated a show from the 70’s in the painfully bad “Ironside”. Well, the 70’s don’t seem to be working so it seems that NBC will now look to the 80’s. Remington Steele will be coming back to TV soon.



The original show was about a female private detective named Laura Holt, played by Stephanie Zimbalist. She creates a fictional male front for the agency in the character Remington Steele (Pierce Bronson) who was a former thief. It was a humorous show that said a lot about feminism and females in the workplace at the time. The new show actually won’t be a remake, yet a continuation of the old story. It will follow the daughter of the two original lead characters, Olivia Holt, who will find herself in the same situation.

I’m not real sure why they are going this route as the most coveted demographic for shows is ages 18-49 and the people that will be the most excited by this show will largely be outside of that range. No release date has been set, and no casting decisions have been made as of yet, and it’s unclear if Zimbalist or Bronson will reprise their roles. The original show lasted five seasons. Call me crazy, I think the new one will be lucky to make it one.

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