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Renewed/Cancelled Network Shows List for the 2013-2014 Season

Hello again friends! Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to the 2013-2014 TV season. Sure, there still is the summer left, but we are here to talk about the five major networks (ABC,NBC, CBS, FOX, and abused stepchild The CW). And while over the past few years cable companies have begun to put out great summer content, it is still the graveyard shift to the major networks. I have over 15 shows that I will be watching over the course of the summer. Exactly three of those are on a major network. Major networks have much more content that they have to worry about so by May 25 every year, we know what shows have been cancelled and which ones live on. They do this so they can get their fall lineup together and decide how many and which new shows they want to give an order to. For example, FOX and NBC have already released their full fall lineup. Very soon, most likely within the next week, we will get all the networks’ upfronts (early video previews and detailed show synopsis). As soon as they are all released, I will have a post up for each network with all their previews in it so it’s easier for you guys. So we will worry about new shows coming to us next year soon, but for this article we are going to take a look at which shows you saw this year are coming back and which ones aren’t.

So did your shows make it?? I sure hope so. We all know the agony of having a show that you are invested in get the axe. Here at free4geeks, we all watch A LOT of TV. So you can imagine that it’s very bittersweet for us. So many things go into whether a show gets picked up for another season or not. Far too much for me to write out. Summer shows are usually one season event shows that get picked up for more when they perform better than expected (See CBS’s Under the Dome). Often, the summer is just used as a time to air the remaining episodes of already cancelled shows or to air unused insurance shows. Insurance shows are shows that had borderline ratings in a previous season and were picked up so they could be inserted into the season in place of new shows that tank and are yanked off air (Think Community and Suburgatory). These types of shows are becoming more and more rare (Also why Community and Suburgatory were finally cancelled).

For the major season (everything but summer), every network has a certain number of scripted shows that it will have. Sometimes networks want to shift more toward drama and away from comedy or vice versa (NBC seems to be making a slight shift), and that can cause a major shake up. Different networks demand certain ratings as well. CBS is still king right now and thus it demands higher ratings. The Crazy Ones would absolutely been picked up if it had the same numbers on Fox. Sometimes there are simply politics involved. CBS owns part of The CW, and has the rights to several of their shows. Warner Bros. shows were really outperforming CW’s CBS shows this year and it was looking like about 70% of CW programming would be WB’s next year. Enter big bad CBS, and suddenly Reign and Beauty and the Beast are given another season despite mediocre and awful ratings, and The Tomorrow People was given the axe.

Looking at the list (see below), many things are apparent. ABC and NBC are struggling, each with only two new dramas picked up for next year and not much better success for comedies. Looking toward next year, NBC may be finally ready to admit that Must See TV Comedy Thursdays are gone and aren’t coming back. Only About a Boy and Parks & Rec are coming back and Parks & Rec is entering it’s final season. CBS is still king. It had by far the best ratings and most renewals of freshmen shows. Also the 3 equals 4 rule is alive and well. That is, if you get a third full season (22+ episodes) you will get a fourth season, as four full seasons makes a show eligible for syndication and makes a show much more profitable. It’s the only reason shows like Revenge, Hart of Dixie, Last Man Standing, and Once Upon a Time were renewed. It’s also why Nashville, The Mindy Project, Arrow, etc are all locks to be renewed next year. It’s why Revolution wasn’t picked up. It has a dedicated audience but not overall spectacular numbers. If NBC had renewed it, it was essentially giving it two more years. There are a million other little things that go into these decisions. I hope I have been able to give you a small idea of how some of the decisions are made. It makes it a lot easier to track how your shows are doing and the hurt of a cancelled show isn’t as bad when you have seen it coming.

But enough explaining! I give to you, the 2013-214 network shows cancel/renewed list. Good luck to you all!



ABC – 

Back in the Game

Killer Women


Lucky 7

Mind Games


Once Upon A Time in Wonderland


Super Fun Night

The Neighbors

Trophy Wife



Bad Teacher

Friends with Better Lives


How I Met Your Mother (Final Season Finished)


The Crazy Ones

We Are Men



Nikita (Final Season Finished)


The Carrie Diaries

The Tomorrow People



Almost Human

American Dad (Moving to TBS)



Raising Hope


Surviving Jack







Growing Up Fisher



Sean Saves the World

The Michael J. Fox Show

Welcome to the Family






Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Grey’s Anatomy

Last Man Standing

Modern Family


Once Upon a Time




The Goldbergs

The Middle



2 Broke Girls

Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds



Hawaii Five-O

Mike & Molly




Person of Interest

The Big Bang Theory

The Good Wife

The Mentalist

The Millers

Two and a Half Men




Beauty & The Beast

Hart of Dixie



The 100

The Originals

The Vampire Diaries



Bob’s Burgers


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Family Guy


New Girl

Sleepy Hollow

The Following

The Mindy Project

The Simpsons



About a Boy

Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D.



Law & Order: SVU


Parks & Recreation

The Blacklist








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