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New Developments in the Andy Serkis Apes Trilogy

I am an enormous Planet of the Apes fan. I have loved the original five movies since I was a teenager, and try to watch them all again every year. So, needless to say, when Rise of the Planet of the Apes was announced several years ago I was ecstatic, and even more so when the film turned out to be truly great. Now the sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, is upon us, and Andy Serkis has spoken to Collider about both the second and third film in the series. Of this summer’s Dawn, Serkis said

“We start 10 years later. We start with all intents and purposes we think most of humanity’s been wiped out… The first 20 minutes of the movie, you think you’re watching just apes. You forget human beings.”

And then spoke to the already planned third Apes film

“The idea would be that this will segue into a third movie, which will lead us back to the origins, which leads us back to the very, very first movie.”

This took me by surprise a bit, as I distinctly remember news of Rise being pitched as a reboot of the series and not a prequel to the original films. I attempted to go back and find something to that effect, and was unable. It may be that I’m just crazy, but regardless, the new is exciting, as seeing how the world from the first film came to be is something unknown up until now. Also exciting is a new poster and a new TV spot that give us a better look at the now more advanced apes. Check them both out below!

Awesome new poster

Awesome new poster

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