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Skylanders vs Disney Infinity – Round 2, Part 1

If you’re a parent, then you’ve heard of either Skylanders or Disney Infinity…not to mention the gigantic hole you toss your money into. If you’re a regular patron of this site, you’ll remember that we broke down the cost associated with each game as well as all of the bells and whistles that comes along with each. This will be part one of a two part series (Skylanders will get its own day in the sun) and will detail the first to launch in Disney Infinity 2.0. Also, stay tuned for a Part 2 of this battle for your $$$ where I’ll go over the highs and lows of Skylanders Trap Team. Part 2 will also give you my (very) opinionated breakdown on what you should and shouldn’t buy in regards to which action figure based game is best suited for you and your family. Saddle up…cause here we go!

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes

Last year, Disney entered the fray to be the new champion of action figure based video games…and they did very well! The original offerings seemed a little plain to me with mostly Pixar characters to use. Then the onslaught of single characters came out and they were hugely successful. Characters like Sorcerer Mickey, Jack Skellington and Wreck It Ralph brought Infinity  to the forefront. Things didn’t look to be huge (sales wise), however, until the Frozen characters showed up. Frozen, even though it came out way over a year ago, is still one of the biggest movies and money makers in Disney history and it sure helped push Infinity at least to even and maybe even a little more so than the already heavily established Skylanders franchise (at this point the Swap Force iteration). Also, if you were wondering if all of the cash you dropped on the original Disney Infinity would be a gigantic waste, don’t be! All of the characters and Power Discs will transfer to DI 2.0…just not the $40 Playsets. I guess you can’t win ’em all! Regardless of if you have purchased all of these meticulously crafted figurines or not, there’s no denying that there’s a certain charm to this game…it’s just expensive. VERY expensive. However, what could possibly make Disney Infinity even more money? Superheroes, that’s what.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps in a cave for the last five years or so, there is nothing more popular right now than superheroes and, in particular, Marvel. For those who may not know the difference, Marvel comics holds such comic book superhero stalwarts as Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America (DC Comics holds the rights to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman). Also, the most recent massive success for Marvel would be the charismatic heroes from this summers Guardians of the Galaxy (Starlord, Drax and the ultra-popular team of Rocket Raccoon and Groot). And the most important aspect of all of this? Disney owns Marvel. Enter Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes. Here you’ll enjoy what you’ve come to love about Disney Infinity, fun (but short) story modes and an amazing Minecraft-esque Toy Box mode, but with the ability to use some of the world’s most recognizable heroes. How can this possibly miss? In short, it can’t.


Credit cards...ASSEMBLE!

Credit cards…ASSEMBLE!



There are some inherent problems with this iteration of DI. The most obvious one is the mass amount of heroes that Disney could add to the fray. At $15 a pop, that’s a significant dip into the ol’ coffers. Expect to see several single and multi-character packs over the course of the next few months. The other problem is the fact that the original version of DI had so many characters that appealed to girls. Whether it be the Frozen princesses or Mrs. Incredible or even Mickey, there’s no denying the fact that this game appealed to both girls and boys and can even attribute to the fact that females continue to be a huge market share that needs to be explored by the major console game manufacturers. DI 2.0 does have some princesses that will appeal to little ladies (eventually), but the appearance of all the boy-centric superheroes in the 2.0 marketing may scare some parents away thinking that this version isn’t for their baby girls. It may not be a problem, but could easily effect sales somewhat. Lastly is an industry wide problem of over saturation. Ask Rock Band and Guitar Hero and the music game trend how that worked out. There certainly is something to say about brand fatigue and the unfortunate tag of “fad”. With Skylanders in its fourth year and Disney Infinity in its second, this action figure based trend could get old very quickly. Not to mention that Disney also owns all of the Star Wars franchise…

Here’s the monetary breakdown:


$75 Starter Kit (Game, Portal, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Avengers Playset and Two Toy Box Game Discs)

$15 Avengers singles (Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk)

$40 Spider-man Playset (Spider-man, Nova and the Playset)

$15 Spider-man singles (Nick Fury, Venom, Iron Fist)

$40 Guardians Playset (Star-lord, Gomora and the Playset)

$15 singles (Drax, Groot and Rocket)

$6 for two (blind) Power Discs

$10 Power Disc Capsule Cases

$10 Power Disc Folio

$20 Figure Carrying Case

$30 Armor Back Pack

$30 Messenger Bag

$25 Strategy Guide

Grand Total = $421 (+Tax)


Phew! That’s a LOT of money for a launch. Not to mention that there are characters on the box that won’t be available at launch including superheroes/villains Loki, Falcon, Green Goblin, Yondu and Ronin as well as regular Disney characters that will be Donald Duck, Aladdin, Jasmine, Maleficent, Stitch, Merida, Tinkerbell, Hiro and Baymax. That’s another $210 bringing the total up to $631! This is also under the assumption that Disney will not release other characters packs and singles…yeah, right! Expect to hear some more information on characters that will release later on in the year very soon.

Well, there you have it: Disney Infinity 2.0 in a nutshell. Should you go ahead and buy this game and all of the bells and whistles that come along with it? That’s up to you, the consumer. Should you wait for the part two of this capitalistic slugfest before making up your own mind? Yes…yes you should. Stay tuned for Skylanders day in the sun and the overall breakdown of both franchises and my opinion on your shopping habits for either (or both…Trump) coming soon. In the meantime…started saving up!


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