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Sony Bringing Sly Cooper To Theaters

Following a recent rash of announcements from Sony Entertainment which saw their Playstation branded properties getting the Hollywood treatment comes the reveal of a Sly Cooper movie.  Currently slated for 2016, Sly Cooper is a CG animated film which is sure to be in 3D and comes from Rainmaker Entertainment and the production company Blockade Entertainment.

The Thevious Raccoonus in the...fur

The Thevious Raccoonus in the…fur

A series of 3D cell-shaded platformers, Sly Cooper has been one of Sony’s staples since the Playstation 2 era, and his most recent adventure, Thieves in Time, also teased the return for a fifth installment.  Whether or not that game is timed to coincide with the films release is unknown, but you can check out the action-packed and humorous trailer below and decide for yourself.

Previously, Sony has worked to bring the Playstation 3 launch title Heavenly Sword and their mascot franchise Ratchet and Clank to the big screen, I personally am still patiently waiting for any announcement regarding a Jak and Daxter film.  You can be sure we’ll bring you any updates on this project, as well as any more announcements from Sony on future films based on their properties as soon as they are made, so keep it tuned to Free4Geeks.com.

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