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Sony Unveils VR Headset at GDC

During their Innovation Through Playstation event on Tuesday night, Sony Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida helped unveil the companies long-rumored Virtual Reality headset, codenamed Project Morpheus.  The event, which was held in front of an audience of potential developers for the project, was the culmination of years of research and speculation that the company was planning on entering the VR battlefield along with Oculus, to compete with the companies Rift prototype.  During the presentation, Yoshida along with Dr. Richard Marks from Sony’s R&D revealed the form factor of the device, and that it will indeed work alongside the recently released Playstation 4 and both it’s Move and Playstation Camera peripherals.

Along with a laundry list of partners already confirmed to be working with Project Morpheus, a list that includes the likes of Epic Software, Marks also spoke of the current line-up of playable test demos that are available on the show floor.  Most notable was the widely loved Eve Valkyrie, which has garnered a ton of interest from those who’ve played the demo running on the Oculus Rift in recent months, and puts players into the cockpit of a space fighter, complete with head tracking and realistic gameplay interactivity.  Other projects include an underwater sim, which reports say is surprisingly immersive and realistic and has players delving into the depths of the ocean in a protective shark cage, as well as reworkings of the recently released Thief and PS2 Classic God of War.

EVE Valkyrie puts you in the cockpit of a space fighter.

EVE Valkyrie puts you in the cockpit of a space fighter.

Impressively, Project Morpheus’ demo unit has debuted with 1080p resolution, which is higher than the initial Rift dev kit, though matches their newest prototype which was also revealed at GDC.  Morpheus works with the Playstation Move and Camera peripherals to offer accurate head tracking, and also allows for players to have their backs facing the hardware while wearing the headset and not be lost by the unit, which Rift still does not support.  Additionally it offers a 90 degree field of view, works with existing headphones, can be worn with glasses and most importantly, is reported to be comfortable for those wearing it, as Sony stressed the forehead-centered device was built for comfort.

No release date has been given for Morpheus yet, but you can expect to hear more in the coming months, leading up to Sony’s E3 press conference in June, where Morpheus is likely to make a full public debut.  Keep it tuned to for all future updates.

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