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Sony’s E3 Event Plans Leaked, Huge Announcements Abound

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for the freshly nerded out, is just over a month away. And, like all other things geek, there is huge speculation as to what material the major companies will be revealing. Well, some of that speculation can be heightened just a little bit more thanks to the folks over at DualShockers. From an anonymous source, they released an article giving details of what Sony has in store for their big expo event.

Here is a summary of some of the details, bolded text indicates information that was verified via a second source:

  • It appears there will be a 3 minute Uncharted  trailer showcasing ”In-engine” footage with gameplay segments. 
  • A new title from Media Molecule will be a landmark title for Morpheus. 3D world building with beautiful, quirky visuals.Extremely creative and fun. 
  • Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PS4 as 1080p 60FPS repackaged title in the vein of Gran Turismo 7: Prologue
  • God of War 4 teaser  – will be CG with snippets of in-engine footage. Early teaser will be to partially offset CG announcement of Gears of War at Microsoft presser. 
  • Wipeout is also making the transition to PS4. Developer is unclear at this time but  it could be Sony London, Evolution, or Firesprite.
  • The Order:1886 will get a stage demo. This will be a big title for Fall 2014 and Sony is expecting great things from it, including franchise possibilities.
  • Sony London will be at E3. First AAA title in many years with be a 3rd person title.
  • Guerrilla Games will be bringing their RPG to E3.  Insane visuals as usual. A good reaction to the title is expected.
  • Sucker Punch busy at work on an inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC. New powers, new setting are possible.
  • Sony Japan Studios debuting two, maybe even three titles. Project Beast – spiritual successor to Demon Souls another is The Last Guardian.  A third title is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Evolution will give Driveclub some time in the limelight. It’s shaping up to be incredible with jaw-dropping visuals. Demo release will be timed with  the press conference.

Additional info indicates there will be publishers such as Ubisoft and EA on stage with the Sony folks. Announcements for the Instant Game Collection titles, Project Morpheus and a reintroduction of Playstation Now also likely. PS Vita and PS3 will see some mentioned, but this event is primarily for the PS4.

What do you tink abou these details? Do they really have you anxious for the event now? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what was revealed as well as what you’d like to hear about. Stay tuned and you might just get more E3 info than you can handle.

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