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South Park: Stick of Truth Release Date, Special Edition

Probably my second most anticipated game, just behind inFamous: Second Son, is South Park: Stick of Truth.  The hardcore turn-based RPG from series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, along with development house Obsidian Entertainment will be hitting store shelves for current-Gen consoles and PC on December 10 in the states, December 12 in Europe.

The release date comes with a hilarious new trailer, seen above, and the announcement of a new pre-order bonus and a special edition hilariously called the Grand Wizard edition.  Only South Park could get away with a blatant and obvious joke at the KKK in a major video game release, and it’s utterly brilliant.

Grand Wizard Edition

The Grand Wizard Edition comes with Four Costumes and a Kidrobot Cartman Statue

Along with the copy of the game, the Grand Wizard Edition comes with the Ultimate Fellowship Pack, a series of four costumes for your character that gives different stat bonuses, including extra fire damage, bolstered defense, extra weapon damage or extra gold earnings, depending on which you choose.  Additionally, the edition comes with Eric Cartman’s hand-drawn map of South Park, which is a big deal when you consider Stone and Parker only created a map of the town specifically for this game, and a Kidrobot Grand Wizard Statue, which features Cartman as the magical hero he plays in the game.

I'll take three, please.

I’ll take three, please.

It seems that fans won’t be discarding their old consoles quite as quickly as they may have hoped when the Xbox One and PS4 drop in November.  South Park: Stick of Truth is sure to be dominating many a gamer’s free-time upon it’s release.  Stay tuned to Free4Geeks for updates on South Park: Stick of Truth, as well as the review when it releases December 10.


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