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Spider-Man FINALLY in Marvel Movies!

Yes, you read that right…Spider-Man will be joining your favorite Marvel heroes in the movies. Can I get an AMEN?!? It looks as if those hocked Sony emails that appeared late last year were pretty close to the mark. Apparently, Marvel has been pushing to get one of their A-list stars (i.e. Spidey) back into the fold for a while now. After the less than expected results of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony gave up the ghost and let Marvel use ol’ Webhead himself alongside the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk….at the risk of editorializing,




All kidding aside, this is a huge coup for Marvel. Sony has been steadfast in their denial of having their anchor superhero franchise anywhere but in house and grabbing one of the more recognizable hero visages back to where he belongs will bring ALL the money to Marvel. Because they were strapped for cash…yeah. Anyway, there are caveats to this deal. Sony will continue to profit from their own standalone Spider-Man films, but Marvel/Disney will be making all the money from any MCU movie that includes Spidey. Marvel/Disney will also nab ALL merchandise featuring Spider-Man and, most importantly, this deal cost Marvel a whopping $0. That’s right, this deal was free (so to speak) for the miraculous wheelers and dealers at Marvel. Sorry, but that’s damn impressive, especially when the original offer was for “billions”. Yikes.

The premiere of Spider-Man in the MCU will, reportedly, occur during the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. Since Spidey was a massive part of this storyline, this is stupendous news for any fan of anything. Spidey will then get his own Sony movie in July of 2017, effective pushing Thor 3, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and the Inhumans back at least four months a piece. The other Spiderverse movies (Sinister Six, Venom and that all-female Spiderverse movie) are still on as of right now; Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb, from Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, will not be coming back.

All of this news is crazy awesome and mind blowing for anyone who is a fan of Marvel movies, Spider-Man movies and anything else really. We should have an editorial on this development soon, so stay tuned!

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