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Star Wars: Rebels Invites You to “Join the Empire”

Now that the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series has run its course, Disney Channel (read: XD) is in need of another hit cartoon. Look no further than Star Wars: Rebels! Recently, Disney and Lucasfilm released pictures of the main villain in Rebels…The Inquisitor! And today some more propaganda inspired art surfaced. Check it out!



Star Wars: Rebels will take place in the middle of the dominance of the Empire. The show will revolve around a small band of rebels that will eventually lead to the Rebel Alliance and will culminate with the events set forth in Star Wars: A New Hope. The show also bolsters a heavy duty lineup of screenwriters/producers including Simon Kinberg (Xmen: First Class, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Dave Filoni (producer of the hit animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars) and Greg Weisman (Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles). So the show has some serious chops heading in. This, plus the new setting and further explored storylines of this historic universe, is more than reason enough to get excited for this new show.



The Inquisitor will be harassing the rebels this Fall!

Star Wars: Rebels is set to debut in the fall of this year.  Look for even more info here at!



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