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Starz Releases Black Sails Trailer

This week, Starz released it’s first full trailer for it’s new winter show: Black Sails. I am super excited about this one. It takes place back in the early 1700’s when piracy in the Caribbean was at it’s peak. The story will focus on Captain Flint and his crew, perhaps the most feared of the time. We will see their struggle for power and against the British Navy. I’m sure we will get to see many famous names from the time. It has already been released that John Silver will be on his crew.

Starz first hit it big in original programming with it’s hit Spartacus. Since then, they have had varied success but I really think they have a winner here. Everybody loves pirates! Well, except for maybe Somali ones.  The show is being brought to us by executive producer Michael Bay, so you know the production value will be high. I expect it will follow the traditional Starz orginals’ trends. It will be action packed and have above average acting. You can also expect for it to be over the top in some way, and it will most likely be hyper sexualized. It’s just their way. But when done right, it can be damn good TV. Look for Black Sails premiering this January.

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