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Steam Ends the Year With a Bang

Steam is something I’ve only had the chance to discover this year. I’ve always been a console gamer, and PC (or in my case Mac) gaming has been something that was personally on the fringes for me. But 2013 has been a wonderful year for me in many ways, and the addition of Steam into my gaming portfolio certainly is part of that; Steam sales in particular! Hell, I just picked up The Stanley Parable and Gone Home for $18 total! Stay tuned for more on those on the next gaming episode of Free For All.

I digress though, and would like to look at some stats for 2013 and Steam. A page of statistics from Steam gives us a snapshot of how PC gamers are ending their year. The last 48 hours has Steam peaking at an impressive 7,678,720 users active, with just under 6 million users active as I write this. Gamers are also ending the year playing one of Valve’s own titles, DOTA 2, with almost 600,000 users playing it within the last 48 hours. Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Football Manager 2014 are some of the other big titles folks are ending their year playing.

Steam Stats Screen 1

Steam also has some stats on where all these gamers are located (creepy right?!). Each one of the above tiny green dots represents a Steam download in the last 24 hours. North America is rocking a whooping 21.3% of  the download traffic, Russia with 7.9% and Germany with 7.0%. There were also an impressive 1,403 Gigabits per second of data being downloaded in the last 48. The Steam holiday sale is no doubt helping boost the traffic this time of year, but all these numbers really come down to meaning one thing — Steam is doing better than ever. Games like DOTA 2 obviously seem to be drawing the biggest crowds, but I think that the abundance of smaller indie titles you simply can’t get anywhere else is also responsible, in part, of the mass amount of users on Steam. I for one, use Steam to pick up every indie title I can get my hands on, and then some.

All in all, Steam had a great 2013, and with the announcements of SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller, Valve is looking to make Steam even more of a household name than ever before in the upcoming 2014. Keep it right here at Free For All for the latest and greatest in Steam news and gaming news altogether! Also, let us know what games you’ve played this year in the comments below!

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