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Tallying the Results: Watch This, Not That- New Fall Shows Review

I’m back! It’s been a few months and a LOT of television episodes since I’ve last seen you guys with this segment. I’m not a guy that likes to admit when I’m wrong, but occasionally it does happen.  Back at the beginning of the TV season, I started telling you guys what shows you should check out and what you should avoid. Hopefully you listened to me because I was right on a bunch, but sadly I did swing and miss on a few. So that’s what we are here for today. To check out what I was right about, and what I was wrong about in my new fall shows review! The problem is, how do I judge how a show did. For this list, we will be going by TV ratings. That means I was right about a few shows being really good, but sadly they bombed in the ratings and vice versa. There are however some shows that fall in the middle. The ones that are just doing okay and are 50/50, I will just tell you if they are good or not. With that being said, let’s dive in!


Where I Was Right


Sleep Hollow


I was a bit nervous about suggesting this show to watch. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty ridiculous premise. This show could have easily been horrible. But they knew it was a cheesy premise going in, and they handled it perfectly. The show is surprisingly witty and has a really interesting story. It was the first show of the year to be renewed, so obviously you guys liked it too.




The Blacklist


James Spader is so damn good. The show’s ratings are great and it was picked up for a full season very early on. The show does have an underlying continuing story, but it is a bit more “freak of the week” than I expected. However the acting is wonderful all around for a network show and the story is cleverly told. This show will go as far as Spader is willing to take it.






Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


This show was both a big risk for Disney and for the most part it has paid off. For the first time, a major network is carrying a show that takes place in an ongoing cinematic universe. The ratings have been all over the place, but they have never been bad. I don’t think it was quite as big as they were hoping it to be but it still did really well in a brutally competitive time slot. Personally, I really like the show, but when you get into the comic book world, there are always going to be more critics out there. The show really takes several episodes to start finding it’s identity, but I think it has hit it’s stride now and will only continue to improve. This show as well was more “freak of the week” than I expected, and if they start to focus more on the continuing mysteries of Colson and Sky’s parents like they started to toward the end of the mid-season, they are going to be just fine. It’s Marvel. They always have a long term plan and they have earned my trust.



The Goldbergs

goldbergs This is one of those middle of the road shows. The ratings aren’t great, but they aren’t bad either. I think the show will get renewed but it wouldn’t be a complete shock if it didn’t. What I was right about is that it is hysterical. It’s a great nostalgia show that is a good one to watch with the family. Murray and Barry are two of the best new characters on TV. Sadly the mom, Beverly, is one of the worst. However, the rest of the show is good enough to overcome her. I really hope this one makes it.




The Originals


I’m ready to admit something, and it’s completely without shame. I’m a CW fan. I am current with three different shows, about to go back and catch up on another, and am anxiously awaiting two new shows later this year. Is The Originals probably my biggest guilty pleasure show? Sure. The acting is okay at best and the show is very over the top. Yet each week I find myself sad the episode is over and excited for the next. The ratings are fantastic for the CW, and we will be seeing this show for years to come.


The Tomorrow People  


Did I mention that I loved the CW? The acting is better than The Originals, but not by much. However, the story is super interesting and the pacing and production value of the show are really great. Sadly, it’s ratings are middle of the road, so it will be interesting to see what the network does with it. I have a feeling it gets renewed but I wouldn’t be shocked if it changed nights of time slots. I have a feeling the network may want it’s new show The Hundred to take it’s prime time slot right next to Arrow.


Almost Human

almost human

I don’t know what to make of this show’s ratings. They have never been great, but they have been all over the place. The show debuted to fair ratings, only to plummet to near certain cancel numbers, and then spiked back up a bit. For a while, FOX was desperate to get it away from Sleepy Hollow as it was actually bringing that show’s ratings down with it. My gut says this show is going to be cancelled. It just doesn’t have great ratings and it has a high production budget. Not a great combo. The problem? The show is really good! It has a super interesting story with amazing chemistry between the actors. I hope if the show does get cancelled, we are at least able to get a conclusion to the story.


Mob City

Mob City My favorite new show of the year so far. Granted, I’m a sucker for L.A. Noire anything, but this show was really great. It has one of the best ensemble casts you will ever see on TV and the acting is really amazing. The soundtrack is also really amazing. This was the perfect format for Frank Darabont to make his return to TV after his highly publicized exit from The Walking Dead. Normally a movie guy, Darabont shined when he just had to do a six episode first season for TWD. He really struggled with pacing and planning when he tried to make the transition into a full season show. Mob City was a limited series that only lasted three weeks, with two episodes each week. Very much like the Sherlock format for BBC. Every second of it was great, and for TNT it did pretty good ratings. I’m hopeful they team up again to bring us another limited series.





I said this show would be awful, and the few of you that actually watched this show should have listened. It was really bad. It’s ratings are terrible and it’s certain to be cancelled. It just isn’t funny. I’m not a Seth Macfarlane hater, I actually really like most of his stuff. But everybody makes mistakes and Dads was definitely one of his.





I said upfront that I can’t stand Anna Ferris. This show has done nothing to change that. It is one of the worst comedies I have ever watched. And that’s saying something. However, it’s ratings are bad, but they aren’t terrible. And CBS is about to be looking for new comedies and there is a chance that this show gets renewed until they can find something better. But with that up in the air, I can still say that I was right. This show is awful.


Lucky 7


Remember this show? It didn’t last very long, just like I said it wouldn’t. It was one of the first shows to get cancelled this season. I still don’t know who thought this show even had a chance of succeeding. I watched the first episode and it took all of my will power just to make it through that hour. It was a drama with a ridiculous premise that took itself way too seriously. The only thing lucky about this show was that it made it past the pilot.





This show has been labeled as “certain to be cancelled” by almost every major TV ratings website pretty much since it’s second episode. The ONLY reason it is still on the air is that ABC just doesn’t have anything to take it’s spot yet. I made it through the first episode and it was everything I thought it would be. Garbage. I have read summaries of what is now going on in the story to see if I was right that the twist was insanely predictable just from the preview. Yeah. Yeah it was.



Super Fun Night


This was the worst new show of the year. Probably the worst sitcom I have ever watched. Even worst than Mom. Rebel Wilson just isn’t funny. You can’t have an entire show centered around fat jokes and women being awkward and gross. Evidently, most of you are finally seeing what I’ve been saying evidently because this show has awful ratings and is certain to be cancelled. I watched two episodes of this show. I will never get that hour of my life back.







He sees the world from a different view. The unemployment line. This show was as unoriginal and terrible as I said it would be and it was quickly given the ax. I actually like Blair Underwood and I’m sure he will land on his feet with a new show soon, but I’m glad this show ended quickly.




Welcome to the Family


Poor Mike O’Malley. I love that guy, but I said I didn’t think he would be enough to overcome how terrible this show looked and I was right. The show was just too cliche and unoriginal, and most of the rest of the cast was just flat out bad. It’s ratings were just flat out bad too and it was one of the first comedies cancelled this season.




Sean Saves the World


Just let it go NBC. Must See TV Thursday comedy block is dead. It has been for a long time. Sean Hayes was great on Will & Grace but bringing him back for his own show wasn’t the answer. Him being gay didn’t change the fact that this was an unoriginal and unfunny single parent comedy. The ratings have never been good and are continuing to fall. You won’t be seeing this show back next season.



Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

onceuponatimeinwonderland I was kind of right and wrong on this one. I told you it would be terrible, which it is, but I also said it would probably get decent ratings. It did not. I’m counting this one right though because bottom line, I said don’t watch it. It was a truly awful show. At this point, ABC is just hoping its parent show turns it around as it has started to suffer. Just go read Fables people. It’s everything these shows should be.





reign This show is proof that I don’t love EVERYTHING that the CW puts out. It catered more to the stereotypical CW audience. It was drama for the sake of drama, targeted at teenage girls. It is a historical portrayal with very little accuracy on the historical side with horrible acting to boot. It’s ratings have been slightly below middle of the road, and if it comes down to Reign or The Tomorrow People, Reign is probably getting kicked to the curb. It won’t be missed much.







Originally I said that I would probably watch and semi-enjoy this show but I couldn’t recommend it because it probably just wouldn’t be good TV. Well that was pretty much spot on. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Dracula story and that’s the only reason I still watch this show. Jonathan Rhys Myers is actually really good in this show, as he usually is, and the rest of the acting isn’t to bad either. It’s just the dialogue. It’s really poorly written. There is far too much relationship drama and not enough Dracula being Dracula. The show is a bit over-stylized and as always, Myers is over sexualized. The show started off strong in the ratings but has seen a steady decline ever since. I doubt we see more from this show next season.


Where I Was Wrong

Man Making a Disappointed Face



Trophy Wife

Showsheet-Pilot_TROPHY-WIFE Man I really wish I hadn’t been wrong about this one. This is a truly great show, and the best new comedy of the year in my opinion. Every single week it makes me laugh. Either most of you guys just never gave this show a chance or we have very different senses of humor. The ratings have been consistently bad since the very beginning and when this show ends in the next few weeks, it’s never coming back.




The Michael J. Fox Show

the michael j fox show

I never dreamed I would be wrong about this one. I love MJF and generally America has too. NBC never thought they would be wrong about it either. They gave it a full season order before an episode ever aired in order to land the show. That’s unheard of. After the way the show’s ratings went, I’m not sure we will ever see that again. It started off okay, but has slowly tapered down into bad in the ratings. It’s not a terrible show either. It has never been consistently funny, but it has certainly had it’s moments. I wonder if America just doesn’t care for the constant stream of jokes centered around Parkinson’s disease? I would be shocked if this show came back. But hey, its NBC. Who knows what they will do?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn-nine-nine-SN I still don’t think Andy Samberg is funny. But I have to admit, this show kinda is . I should never pick against Terry Crews. That man is hysterical. The show’s ratings are still pretty middle of the road and it’s renewal isn’t certain, but with so many of FOX’s other sitcoms struggling and the fact that this show was nominated for best comedy at the Golden Globes will be enough to put it over the top I think. I think it will be a struggle to keep this show going every year, but if they gave The Mindy Project another shot, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will get another one too.



The Crazy Ones


I said I wanted to be wrong about this one and I was. This show is REALLY funny. Never bet against Robin Williams. The show started off with a bang. It was the most watched comedy premier of the season. The numbers quickly came back down to Earth however and have been pretty middle of the road ever since. It is still watched enough that I’m pretty sure it will get renewed though. The only thing that worries me is the budget. You know Williams Sarah Michelle Gellar don’t come cheap. If the show continues to have slightly better than average ratings, will CBS think it’s worth it? I hope so. If Mom gets picked up and this doesn’t, I’m boycotting CBS.




Masters of Sex

Masters.of.Sex.S01E01 I’m still not convinced I’m wrong about this show, but everybody keeps telling me I am, so I guess I’m out-voted. I figured that this was a show that was using science as a cover to show lots of sex on TV and to use graphic sexual scenes for shock value. Granted, I’ve only watched two episodes of this show so maybe I haven’t seen enough, but I thought I was pretty spot on. You guys seem to disagree. The show has done very well for Showtime, already being renewed and picking up a best drama nod at the Golden Globes. The acting is terrific, although I still loathe Lizzy Caplan. So either I was wrong about what this show would be about or you guys just like watching the sex and going along with the Showtime party line. Either way, I guess I was wrong about this one.



The Millers

millers980 Damn you CBS! On any other network, I still believe this show would have failed. But, because CBS is an unstoppable ratings machine, coupled with a favorable time slot, this show has had better than average ratings and will be coming back. I do have to say I was right about one thing though. This show isn’t funny. Like, at all. I like Will Arnett, but the writing is terrible. The worst thing about this succeeding is that one of TV’s finest actresses, Margo Martindale, is now stuck on this show instead of being able to come back to The Americans. I repeat, Damn You CBS!!





I Have Never Been So Wrong In My Whole Life, Please God Forgive Me






Yeah…… that’s my bad. I was worried about the long term viability of this show because of the premise. I at least thought we would get one great season out of it. We did not. This show is terrible. The pilot is okay, but they immediately started reaching in the story and chasing wild tangents. I have twice tried to pick this show back up, and it keeps getting worse. And surprisingly, the acting is equally terrible. This show is so bad, and the rating reflected it. It has been marked for certain cancellation pretty much since week one. Never have I recommended a show that turned out so bad. I’m so sorry!



We Are Men


Ouch. I fell in love with the cast before I ever saw an episode. I should have waited until I saw the show. I love all the individual actors, especially Tony Shalub and Kal Penn, but they just didn’t have good chemistry together. The pilot wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. The second episode was. We never got past that. CBS pulled the plug after only two weeks, making it the first cancelled show of the season. Don’t think I’ve ever recommended a show that went away that quickly. I’ve got to believe its due to the fact that the ratings were bad, coupled with the fact that the salary budget had to be big. Also, they probably just saw the show was terrible. Humble Pie. I’m eating it.




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