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Tatum Officially Cast as Gambit

There has been much speculation on if Gambit will ever be done in another X-Men movie and who would play such a role. The internet caught fire when Channing Tatum, who is mostly known for being a hunk who can dance really well, was rumored to play the beloved Marvel character. Well, doubt no more: Gambit will be in the next X-Men movie (dubbed Age of Apocalypse) and it will be the Chan-Man playing the feisty Cajun.

Tatum’s acting prowess has been mostly the tipping point in most of the aggressive discussions…and who could blame the doubters? Roles in G.I. Joe and White House Down have not done him any favors. However, Magic Mike and 21 Jumpstreet have not only been good but Tatum did well in them. Not to mention the fact that people have been doubting casting choices for superhero movies for years (read: Heath Ledger’s Joker and the newly maligned Ben Affleck as Batman) and most have been really, really good. I am now in the position of “wait and see” when it comes to stuff like this so only time will tell.

Anyway, I’m sure the fellas n the Free for All podcast will be discussing this in detail so tune in to find out what we think!




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