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Telltale Releases Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided

Walking Dead Season 2

Yesterday, Telltale Games released the highly anticipated trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided. Preceded by the award winning Season 1 and the gap-bridging 400 Days, season 2 continues the harrowing journey of young Clementine. This time around, she is the playable character and in episode one, All That Remains, we see that she has had to grow up quite a bit without Lee around. So far, season 2 has kept up the tradition of making brutal choices in impossible situations. All That Remains also had two of the more brutal scenes we have seen in a Telltale game yet. One thing I love about this new season is the inclusion of the action sequences that debuted in Telltale’s other series A Wolf Among Us. These introduced fast paced chase or fight sequences where you had to quickly swipe the control stick in one direction or another, usually to dodge something. It’s a fun small addition that adds a lot to the game, as it helps it feel like more of a game than just an interactive story. A House Divided appears to pick up right where we left off last time as you can see below.

It appears that Clementine is uneasily settling in with the new group that she has found. The ominously mentioned Carver from episode one makes his expected debut as he has finally found his old group. A few subtle hints at why Carver is searching for them. It looks as if Rebecca’s baby might be Carver’s instead of Alvin’s like we all assumed. I’m interested to see where they take Clementine’s individual relationships. In particularly, her relationship with Sarah, Carlos’ daughter, and how that affects Clementine’s relationship with Carlos. The scene at the end with Clem at the top of the tower is chilling and gives the world a sense of vastness. I love the very end where we see Clem start to grow up and fearlessly start to go after the walkers. With the group apparently on the run, I don’t expect everyone to make it through this episode. Playstation 3 owners will be able to find out when the game drops on March 4, with Xbox 360 and PC to quickly follow.

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