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The 3DS Gets Its First FPS

Anyone who owns a 3DS knows that there is a serious lack of FPS (First Person Shooters) on the handheld. Well, the wait is over!

Moon Chronicles. Looks good, man!

Moon Chronicles. Looks good, man!

Renegade Kid, developer of the indie hit Mutant Mudds, has decided to throw its proverbial hat into the FPS ring with Moon Chronicles. Moon Chronicles will be a downloadable title for the 3DS that will be found on the Nintendo eShop. Moon Chronicles will be a remake of the cult hit Moon which hit the DS in 2009. Moon Chronicles will follow an episodic format in the following structure:

  • Episode 1: $8.99 (contains chapters 1 – 4 + 6 VR Missions: ~4 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 2 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 5 – 8: ~2 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 3 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 9 – 12: ~2 hours of gameplay).
  • Episode 4 (as DLC): $1.99 (contains chapters 13 – 16: ~2 hours of gameplay).

Mutant Mudd will also be planning a second season that will be continue the story of Major Kane with all new content. Renegade Kid Co-Founder Jools Watsham told IGN:

“We’re big fans of TV shows like Lost. We love shows that really cement the feeling where you watch an episode, you have a cliffhanger, and you absolutely need to watch the next one. That’s our plan for season two and beyond, [for us] to approach it in a similar way. ‘What’s the whole point of the season? Where do we start and where do we end up?”

Moon Chronicles will run at a buttery smooth 60fps and will also take advantage of the Circle Pad Pro. Moon Chronicles will debut for the 3DS in the spring of this year.




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