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The Crew Season Pass Revealed

The Crew is getting closer and closer and Ubisoft has revealed what gamers will be getting if they purchase the season pass.  Season pass holders will receive two exclusive cars on the December 2 launch date: the McLaren 12C and the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Oooooooooo... Nice!

Oooooooooo… Nice!

Now these cars are just a small perk to purchasing the Season Pass. The Crew Season Pass also includes four full featured add-on car packs, totaling 12 additional cars.  In addition to the cars, the Season Pass will also give out 23 additional tuning kits unlocked to spec out the cars given in the Season Pass to run immaculately and run on any terrain.  Also, you would have official paint jobs and rims for each car along with an exclusive sticker for each pack.  Plus you will also gain early access to these packs a week early.  The four bonus packs are:

Extreme Car Pack – High performance vehicles that will keep you out in front of the pack in your missions.  Available January 2015.

Speed Car Pack – These cars are ideal for racing if you wanna put the hammer down.  Available February 2015.

Vintage Car Pack – Wanna be seen riding around in style?  Well, these are the cars for you!  Available March 2015.

Raid Car Pack – Ready to go off-road?  No better choices than the cars that will be given in this pack.  Available April 2015.

Accompanying the release of each pack will be missions that are designated to each pack’s theme.  The Crew Season Pass is available for $24.99.  Gamers can also purchase The Crew Gold Edition which will digitally available on PC, Playstation Network, and Xbox Marketplace (Xbox One only) which will include the Season Pass.  You can also purchase the car packs individually for $6.99.  The Crew will be released on December 2, 2014!  Ready, set, GO!

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