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The Last of Us Patch Coming Today!

For those of us still playing The Last of Us on the PS3 (yes, I know…I still have to finish it. Leave me alone!) Sony and Naughty Dog announced a fat patch that will fix a few bugs, add a level of difficulty and some all new trophies. Huzzah!

This juicy patch, clocking in at around 151mbs, should be delivered to your PS3 consoles within the next 24hrs or so. The patch will add the all new “Grounded” difficulty (to go along with the Grounded DLC for multiplayer) to the single player campaign which will have “super aggressive AI” and will be only for the “toughest of the hardcore”. I guess this game wasn’t tough enough. The patch will also fix a bevy of bugs; about 44 in all. Not to mention some new trophies, new weapons and a bunch of multiplayer additions. Check out all of the wondrous fixes and adds on Naughty Dog’s official release here.

Haven’t played The Last of Us yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the full, glowing review from our very own Joshua “Double Barrel” Barnett by simply clicking…waaaaait for iiiit…here!


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