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The Rock Finally Confirms His DC Role

For some time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been the subject of intense speculation when it comes to the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe.  He has been teasing everything from Jon Stewart, the ex-military iteration of the Green Lantern to the hero SHAZAM himself via his twitter account.

However, this morning, he has finally confirmed just who he will play from the pages of the Comics mega-house.  While he will indeed be featured in the SHAZAM movie, fans of The Rock and comics in general should be very pleased to hear that the Wrestler-turned-actor will be taking up the role of anti-hero/nemesis to SHAZAM, Black Adam.  Black Adam has long been fans desire to see someone of The Rock’s appearance and devilish charm, which he honed over years of playing the wrong side of wrestling fans hearts.  Rumors and reports have been claiming for multiple weeks now that the decision was left to The Rock himself whether he would play the hero or the antagonist in DC’s SHAZAM adaptation, and the actor has expressed interest in the past that he did not want to play the villain.

Whether this means that The Rocks role will be more focused on the anti-hero arc of Black Adam, where he seeks redemption and explanation for his actions, where he comes off as more the hero, or Johnson has simply come to the realization that he is a natural fit for the role has yet to be confirmed, but considering the fact that DC and their partner, Warner Bros. have yet to confirm a SHAZAM movie, let alone the rest of their planned slate of films means that we still have to play the waiting game.  Hopefully we will get an official announcement soon, but the news remains very exciting for all fans of DC comics.

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