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THIS JUST IN: Ron Artest is a Crazy Person!

Okay, sure…that’s not really news at all. Or geek culture for that matter. However, a lot of people don’t know that Ron Artest changed his name. Oh, I don’t mean Metta World Peace; that is so 2000 and late! What? No good? Fine! Here’s something that may make you chuckle: Ron Artest’s new name is


Panda Friend



That is not a joke. Panda Friend plays basketball in China for the Sichuan Blue Whales. What do his teammates call him?? ” Yo, whaddup Panda?” or “Nice Shot…uh, Panda”. Unless you’re a Dreamworks character that sounds crazy! As ridiculous as this may sound, you haven’t seen anything yet. Along with all the fame and notoriety that comes with a lucrative Chinese basketball contract (and a dapper new moniker) comes awesome marketing opportunities and for basketball players that means shoes. The same goes for Ron…sorry, Panda Friend. Check out these sweet kicks



Now you can look ridiculous in both black and white!

You can pre-order these sweet shoes at Ron Artest Metta World Peace Panda Friend said this in his >ahem< press conference to promote the shoes:

…before every game, I will be wearing the white or black shoes. The top part of the shoe has a panda on it…it is removable. I will be throwing it to a friend in the crowd. The person who catches it will be the Panda’s Friend of the day.

I wish other NBA stars would do that: LeBron could throw money clips (with money of course), Anthony Davis could throw eyebrow growth lotion and Kobe could throw b*****s. It would be awesome! By the way, all of the above is true. Yep. Crazy ole Panda Friend…



In this breaking news style event, more information has come about. Here’s a Tweet from (gotta get that fixed, Panda):


The bear is not detachable. The Teddy bear is a permanent and is the pandas friend! The ears on the side are also not detachable. Enjoy


It appears as if the high point of buying these shoes just lost its shine. Oh, well…



Also this:



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